Overview: This is the final puzzle of the game.  I was responsible for designing, building, and scripting the scenario.


Walkthrough: The player must drive the loa from the stone alter.  She has no tools strong enough to interact with the alter directly, so she must use the environment.  Throughout the game, we placed hints on interactable objects.  The player activates these by using the voodoo doll on them.  For instance, if the player uses the doll on various objects in this room, she will see that the place is falling apart and might collapse altogether with a little help.  The steps to solve the puzzle are:

  • Pry the nails from the brace that's holding up the support beam.  This causes the ceiling to sag farther, breaking a portion of it and exposing the internal skeleton.
  • Pry the nails from the 2x4's in the broken section.  This further damages the ceiling and causes pieces of the decorative arch to break off.  I scripted the keystone to slip when the player looks in that direction.  The dust motes also serve to draw the player's attention to this spot.
  • Use the hammer to knock out the keystone.  There are several ways the player can do this, but the easiest way is to grab a piece of furniture and stand on it.  Knocking out the keystone causes the entire ceiling to collapse.  I scripted it so that if a player knocks out the keystone while standing inside the room, she is pushed out into the dining room.  We didn't want the player to die at any time during our game.
  • The final step is to set the debris on fire using oil from the fallen lamp and matches from the player's inventory.  The loa leaves its hiding place and flies around the room. 

When the player defeats the loa, she triggers the final scripted sequence.  The fire from the tea room as well as an earlier fire she lit in the kitchen stove are out of control.  The voodoo doll informs her that the seal preventing exit is broken and encourages her to leave before the whole place burns down.