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Level Editors: Unreal Engine 3.0 (Singularity, Wolverine), Unreal Engine 2.0 (Unreal Tournament 2004), Hammer (Half-Life 2), Radiant (Quake 4), TES Construction Set (Oblivion, Morrowind)

Scripting: UScript, Kismet, DoomScript, Lua 5.1, C++, C#

Additional Software: Microsoft Office Suite 2003, Photoshop, Open Office, Google Sketchup

Level Design: Documentation, BSP creation, scripting, optimization, lighting


Game Experience

Homefront - Kaos Studios                                                 March 2010-Present

Level Designer

  • Designed, documented and created half of the the final level in the singleplayer campaign
  • Used Kismet to script four of the nine encounters for the level
  • Prototyped three other major encounters
  • Participated regularly in multiplayer tests to provide feedback and support

Singularity - Raven Software                                 April 2008-August 2009

Level Designer

  • Designed, documented, and created four multiplayer maps in Unreal Engine 3
  • Designed and created 5+ multiplayer prototype maps
  • Used Kismet to create event sequences and Matinees for multiplayer and singleplayer levels
  • Worked with the multiplayer team to define gametypes, player mechanics, and weapons

Wolverine - Raven Software                                  July-September 2007

Level Designer - Intern

  • Completed paper design, whitebox, and initial scripting of one area using Unreal Engine 3
  • Added scripted sequences and integrated cinematics in two existing levels
  • Prototyped gameplay scenarios for two levels
  • Responsible for secret item placement and documentation in one level

Deja Vudu - The Guildhall at SMU              October 2007-February 2008

Level Designer - Team Half-Life 2 Project

  • Senior project creating a singleplayer puzzle, adventure game
  • Responsible for creating the vertical slice level
  • Completed level design document, BSP, texture and entity placement, gameplay scripting

Sector 9 - The Guildhall at SMU                  October 2007-February 2008

Level Designer - Individual Half-Life 2 Project

  • Responsible for all aspects of design and implementation of a singleplayer level
  • Contained both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Master's Project in Lieu of Thesis concentrating on environmental storytelling

Detour - The Guildhall at SMU                                             April-June 2007

Level Designer - Individual Quake 4 Project

  • Designed and built one complete singleplayer level
  • Responsible for documentation, BSP, texturing, lighting, and optimization
  • Scripted eight different gameplay scenarios

Burgled! - The Guildhall at SMU                              January-March 2007

Level Designer/Associate Producer - Team Unreal Tournament 2004 Project

  • An original game mode combining elements of Onslaught and Assault
  • Responsible for team production and gameplay
  • Co-built one complete level including BSP, lighting, optimization, and model placement
  • Modeled, unwrapped, and textured 25+ static meshes for game levels
  • Created game trailer
  • Created documentation including: Asset and Development Plan, Overview, Game Mechanics, World Overview sections of the Game Design Document

Ghost Stories - The Guildhall at SMU                              January-March 2007

Level Designer - Individual The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Project

  • Created a full quest mod for Oblivion including interior and exterior areas
  • Built and populated one island, two dungeons, one town, and one side-quest
  • Scripted multiple events including: 30+ lines of dialogue, 10+ quest encounters, 25 NPC behaviors and AI routines

Level Design Student                                                      July 2006-March 2008

  • Created five levels using Unreal Engine 2.0
  • Created 30+ assets using 3dsMax 8 and Photoshop CS2
  • Designed and built a text adventure in C++
  • Designed and scripted an RPG in Lua using an existing graphical engine



The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University, Plano, TX            March 2008

Masters of Interactive Technology in Digital Technology

GPA: 3.8

Rocky Mountain College, Billings, MT                                                 June 2002

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science

summa cum laude (3.9+ GPA)